How our innovation is made

Our innovation process is a mixture of great people with a broad combined skillset, together with a hunger for understanding and creating. Evertything is done in close cooperation with existing and potential clients.

  • Technology
    We have a deep technical understanding and combine it with data driven business knowledge.
  • Execution
    All production is done inhouse and we own the whole chain from conceptualisation to programming and packaging.
  • Commercialization
    We have our own unique way of profiling and positioning our products, and always strive to disrupt the current markets.

Our areas of specialization

Our main expertise is developing software solutions for SaaS poviders in the field of B2B fintech. This includes both back-office solutions that optimize and automate the providers workflows, as well as solutions optimizing and enhancing end user client experiences.

Our vision is that our clients should reach financial enlightenment – a state of constant optimized liquidity.

We always have our starting point in accounts receivable and billing. From this we branch out to connected specialized areas such as credits, anti-fraud, business intelligence and prognostication – always relating back to optimizing the root of accounts receivable.

Through constant research and feedback from our SaaS clients and our own SaaS companies we also scout emerging areas for our product development.

Pain points in focus

We have three main pain point domains (try saying that fast 5 times) that we focus on relieving our customers from: Data issues, Manual repetitive tasks & Decisions making.

The pain points are occurring in all our specialization areas at a varying degree, and they are usually interconnected. I.e. if you solve data flows through integrations, you can automate manual tasks, make the data fresher, harmonize it, and use it for analysis as well as decision making.

An example is our invoicing platform that collect data from ERPs and Banks in order to automate Distribution, Debt collection and Bookkeeping of payments, as well as presenting key insights on account receivable and how to optimize it.

Our three layers of success

Our way of developing companies can be explained with our three layers of success. Together they help us find business opportunities, prototype, develop and take the solutions to market.

Our speciality is developing Software and creating SaaS Providers within the field of Cash Flow Management and B2B Credits.

Layer 1 – Prototyping

Our Parent company Blingdale functions as an incubator, gathering knowledge from all our companies and the market in order to pinpoint new business opportunities.

Whenever a new opportunity arises, we design a prototype and assign a specialist with experience from that specific field of expertise. The prototype is then sent to Layer 2 of Blingdale.

Layer 2 – Developing

The second layer in Blingdale consist of our specialized software development companies. In this layer we sometimes also partner up with external software companies.

When the product is ready for the market it’s included in our software platform, available for all customers. Most of the time the new solution is also sent to Layer 3 of Blingdale.

Layer 3 – Commercializing

In this layer we use our own software as the base for creating a new company. This is one of the unique ingredients that gives us a competitive edge. We get first-hand experience of how our software works in action. This helps us evolve even further, as well as pioneering completely new solutions to the market.

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