Developing B2B credit & invoice solutions

Quiddly is a Software dev. company licensing modular B2B credit and invoice platforms. Currently offering modules for invoicing, factoring and debt collection. Owns, develop and maintains all source code. Focus on scalable, secure and flexible system architecture.

Typical Client and Decision makers

CEO, CTO and CPO of both traditional financial institutions and system providers, as well as fast moving new B2B credit and invoicing providers.

Market potential

The market of fast credits is seeing a rapid growth and many new actors are entering the space. A similar development is taking place for ERP addon companies. The third emerging shift is in more traditional companies, looking to modernize their offer.

Business model

Licensing fees, Tick costs, Interest rates, Fees for consultancy, project management and custom development.

Three levels of customer experience

Putting your own fintech platform together should be fun and easy. Quiddly’s concept is simple, but the solutions are advanced. Pick and choose from our presets to lay the foundation for a new fintech product. Everything is state of the art modular technology that integrates with all types of systems.

Customer experience, overview and control is key to everything we do. And it is critically important since our products touches a chain with three levels of customers.

The first level is through the back-office solutions. Here it is all about smooth workflows, creating overview and control as well as saving time. The second level is our client’s customers. On this level focus is on improved liquidity through a number of areas like credit time, customer experience and analysis.

The third level contains our Clients customer’s debtors. Here the ease of use and simplicity as well as flexibility are key factors for an optimal debtor experience.