Credits not to survive, but thrive!

A transparent loyalty-based credit platform, helping companies with capital and improving their cashflow in order to survive and thrive.

Typical Client and Decision makers

Founders, CEO and CFO in small and medium sized growth companies active in industries with a stressed liquidity as a result of long credit times and/or fixed assets.

Market potential

The banks just keeps on providing bad service, conditions and customer service. Several well-established and new emerging companies brand themselves as competitors to the banks when they’re not. The potential in the market is huge. However, increased demand on compliance, a high risk for fraud, heavy administrative workloads, in combination with increased competition that drives down revenue – makes it tricky.

Business model

Administration fees and interest rate on financed capital.

Going beyond competitors

A key part of our vision to make the credit industry housebroken, is to have transaprent and fair terms and conditions. Instead of locking in customers by contracts, we want to keep them by loyalty. We will instate a gamification-based loyalty programme that gives customers cashbacks and other benefits the more and longer they use our product.