Accounts receivable on autopilot

FINQR is a company with a platform for automating, optimizing and analyzing B2B accounts receivable. SaaS model, cloud based platform covering: invoicing, debt collection, credits, bookkeeping and analysis.

Typical Client and Decision makers

CEO, CFO and BAM in driven and tech savvy companies, who sees great value in optimizing cash flow and modernizing their own financial departments user experience, as well as their customer experience.

Market potential

Automating business processes that has a high degree of manual repetitive work, is a strong global mega trend. The market for liquidity optimization and invoice service is substantial. In Sweden alone there are around 270 000 companies qualifying as potential clients.

Business model

A combination between Fixed license fees, Collection fees, Interest rates as well as Tick costs per invoice.

Improved credit time, administration and customer experience

FINQR focuses on the experience of both the users of the platform and the debtors, making payments easy and fast. This way we’re not only making life easier for our customers, but also their clients.

All tech companies mainly talk about the same results from using their product: you will save a lot of time that you can invest in other value making for your business. This is of course also true for our product, but there is so much more.

With FINQR the customer gets one step closer to financial enlightenment through optimized accounts receivable and analysis. By letting FINQR optimize and automate the invoicing they will decrease credit times and increase the overview and control over accounts receivable. The end result is better Liquidity.